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I Design to Empower You to do What Brings You Alive, and Makes a Difference to YOUR WORLD.

Thoughtful freelance website & brand design, for conscious business, Queenstown, NZ.

You Clever, CLEVER, Thing...

I believe you're here for a reason. Your gifts, talents, passions, and dreams are important. They're the very thing that you were given to make the world around you a better, and brighter place.

Together hand in hand, we'll curate the most beautiful feelings, moments, and inspiration then I'll alchemise it into something meaningful for your business.

You were created to go places, let's get you there,


I Build Brands, Confidence, Websites, & Worth

It's not just design, it's about instilling you with the confidence, that what you bring to the world matters...

...because you deserve to be seen.

Thoughtful & Strategic Design For Conscious Business Owners

Build Confidence & Purpose

Spending time discovering your worth is important. The why, how, and what you do matters enormously not only to the design, but in your ability to confidently put yourself out there to the people who need what you have.

Effective & Easy-to-use Design

Everything I deliver is built to work hard for you. I want you to have tools that not only make sense, but are easy to implement, and save you time and stress within your business too.

Reach Your People

Working with people we enjoy is important, so I work hard to identify, and design to an audience that you’ll love to work with.

Achieve Your Goals Faster

You deserve the brightest future, so let’s identify where you are, and where you want to be, so that my design can help to get you there faster.

SOMAPsych's logo, designed by Courtney. An illustrated hand, holding a brain over the text SomaPsych.

"The shift in energy since the rebrand is nothing short of magic." 

"I just love your work so much and honestly the shift in energy since the rebrand is nothing short of magic and I truly believe it’s because you reignited the spark of this organization when I saw it brought to life through your art." 


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