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Forget the competition & find your compellers: Why inspiration beats comparison everytime!

Let's talk about that familiar feeling: scrolling through social media, seeing what your peers are up to, and maybe feeling a pang of comparison. "They have such a cool website!" "All their content looks so good!" While a little healthy competition can be motivating, getting stuck in a compare-and-despair cycle can stifle your creativity and leave you feeling burnt out. Enter the idea of compellers, a cool little concept I learnt from the wonderful Kirstin Butler in her book 'The Comfort Zone."

Paul Hanauma - Unsplash

Compellers are those brands and individuals who inspire you. They spark your imagination, resonate with your values, and make you want to shout "Yes! That's exactly how I want to show up in the world!"

Think about it: when you're truly inspired, you're not copying, you're igniting your own creative fire. You're seeing possibilities, learning new approaches, and feeling energized to translate that inspiration into something unique and powerful for your own brand.
So, how do we find these compellers and harness their inspirational power?

Here are some tips:

Follow Your Curiosity: 
What kind of content catches your eye? What brands consistently leave you feeling uplifted and inspired? Dive deeper! Explore their websites, social media feeds, and even listen to interviews with the founders.

Focus on Values: 
Compellers likely share some of your core values. Maybe they prioritize sustainability, community building, or a playful and authentic brand voice. Identify what resonates with you, and how you can translate those values into your own brand identity.

Seek Diversity: 
Don't limit yourself to just your industry! Look for inspiration from unexpected places. An artist you admire, a local food truck with a killer brand story – inspiration can come from anywhere.

Cathryn Lavery - Unsplash

Ready to identify your compellers?

Let's do a quick exercise! Grab a pen and paper (or your favorite note-taking app) and answer these questions:

  1. Who are 2-3 brands/individuals whose work consistently inspires you?

  2. What specifically do you love about their approach? Is it their visual style, their storytelling, or their brand voice?

  3. How can you translate that inspiration into something unique and aligned with your own brand values?

Remember, the key is to use inspiration as a springboard, not a blueprint. Your brand should be an authentic reflection of you and your mission.
By focusing on compellers, you'll cultivate a wellspring of creativity, motivation, and a renewed sense of purpose in your business journey. So, ditch the comparison trap and embrace the power of inspiration!

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Go shine!