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Good design is a journey, we walk hand in hand, while weaving together something meaningful, & heartfelt

A monogram logo for Marnie Aesthetics overlaid an image of a women's face (side profile).


Goal-led brands

Conceptualising ideas that align with your goals, target your dream audience, while completely transforming your brand's presence, is an utter joy to do.

Every brand package is customised to your business, and could include. 

  • Brand discovery, and identity.

  • Logo & brand creation.

  • Brand guidelines including colour palettes, visual direction, and typography.

  • Comprehensive file suites.

  • Graphic design services including digital, and print design assets.


Website design that works

Your website is your online baby, and presence to the world. Let's not only create one that works hard for you, let's make sure that you can manage it as little, or as much as you'd like too.

I focus on an essentialist approach, that wraps an engaging design into an effective tool for your business.

  • Emotive copywriting.

  • Easy to use blogging.

  • SEO (On & off page).

  • Google Analytics connection.

  • Post design training & handover.

  • Pain-free E-Commerce.

  • Deluxe single, to multi-page sites.

  • Landing pages.

A website design for Forager Studio by Courtney.

I work with people who are committed to making a difference in their industries, & worlds.

Builders, earthworks, plumbers, electricians, and craftspeople.

Beauty industry:
Hairstylists, makeup artists,  beauty therapists, and cosmetic injectors.

Event management/planners, property management, and holiday home management.

Architects, interior designers, home-stagers, photographers, stylists, fashion designers, and chefs.

Counsellors, massage therapists, nutritionists, naturopaths, chiropractors, osteopaths, personal trainers, and wellness practitioners.

An intentional design process

1. Purpose-filled meet up

We meet in-person or on zoom so I can find out exactly what you do, why you do it, and how I can help you do it better. This is a great way to get to know you and make sure we're a good fit.

2. A tailored plan

I take time to chart a course for you that aligns with your goal. You'll receive a unique recommendation in the form of a proposal with outlined objectives and pricing. Once approved and the deposit is made we book in a starting date.

3. In-depth research & strategy

One of the most crucial stages as we get into the nitty gritty of who you are as a business and design strategically to extend your reach further. This can include a sit down strategy session, design direction mood boarding and market analysis.

4. Collaborative creativity

Design with me is a collaborative process! I kick the things off by creating prototypes and conceptual ideas, then through further creativity and feedback we refine ideas into an amazing final product.

5. Ta dah! (Project launch & handover)

We did it! We have a final solution that is not only strategically designed, but one we're super proud of too. Now is when I wrap up the final details, ready to hand all we've worked on over to you. Like Mary Poppins I like to leave you knowing you're confident with your tools, so sometimes we do a debrief or some one on one training. The journeys never done there though, I'm always here when you need me!

6. Continual support

I'm still here for any tweaks, updates or ongoing design needs as your business evolves, and grows.